• Long Distance Walkie Talkie Phones

    30 Days Return Policy | 1 Year Warranty | Walkie Talkie App Licence Included

    Nationwide: Works in United States in All 50 States

    Tested to work on AT&T's and T-Mobile's 3G/4G network

    Talk Long distance via Nationwide Walkie Talkie. We have ensured the compatibility of all our walkie talkie phones with AT&T & T-Mobile networks. Currently, Verizon and Sprint as NOT supported.


    AT&T & T-mobile uses LTE Bands B2/4/12/17/30

    Inrico T320 US variant that we sell uses LTE bands B2/4/5/12/13/17.


    By using 3G/4G data connection, you can Push To Talk long distance walkie talkie like Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones. You can also opt to use WiFi only without a SIM card to enable the Walkie Talkie App.

    All Software included

    No extra cost. No recurring subscription.

    Inrico T320 devices bought from our store includes a Push To Talk Software License (VoicePing) that you need for long distance walkie talkie operation. See License Details here.


    The software is pre-loaded and the administrator credentials will be emailed to you upon shipping.


    Your purchased devices are automatically grouped into their own private channel. You can communicate to all devices via a shared channel or talk privately by entering the Talkie ID.


    If you need to administer the users and channels, simply use the provided company admin account. Future purchased walkie talkies can also be added to the same company and group channel.

    Also an Android Smartphone

    AT&T, T-Mobile Compatible

    Like a normal smartphone, you can call, send SMS, download apps from Google Playstore, use WhatsApp, take photos and more. Inrico T320 will be your dedicated work phone so you do not have to use a personal phone for work.


    Inrico T320 is also IP54 rated to withstand minor splashes and dust. Android 7.0 with Google Play store allows you to install more apps.

    Shipping and Return in United States

    Free Two-Day shipping for all Orders.

    We ship from Texas, USA. Orders will reach most US locations in a maximum of 3 days. If you are not in the contiguous 48 states, please allow another 2 days.


    If somehow the products are not suitable for you, simply ship the products back undamaged and we will refund your order less a 15% re-stocking fee.

  • VoicePing Teams

    VoicePing Teams: Best Long Range Walkie Talkie - Nationwide Coverage via Walkie Talkie App on Cell Phone. Works on WiFi and 4G. Unlocked. Compatible with AT&T & T-Mobile. 

  • Long Distance Walkie Talkie

    via VoicePing App

    Included in Hardware Purchase Price for Free. No Recurring Subscription.

    View https://www.voicepingapp.com for all features.

    VoicePing Demo Video

    Enterprise Walkie Takie App

    Unified Communication

    Android, iOS & Desktop Walkie Talkie App that goes beyond voice. Texting, pictures, videos and paging gives field workers a complete communication solution.

    Fast Nationwide, Long Distance Walkie Talkie

    Group & Private Channels

    Communicate long distance with your staff no matter where they are. Use 4G, 3G or WiFi on your Android or iOS device and you are ready to go. You can talk privately or in a group.

    Location Tracking

    Know where everyone is

    Track staff on the go and view their live location or movement history on your Desktop Walkie Talkie. Coordinate daily operations and improve customer service by seeing where everyone is.

    Desktop Push To Talk and Dispatch

    Link Office and Field Workers

    Get everyone communicating on the same platform. Desktop PTT links your office workers to your field workers holding the walkie talkie phones.

    Voice & Video Calling

    Real Time Calls for full attention

    Make private voice or video calls to enhance immediate visibility. Video and Voice calls happen over Data or VoIP.

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    Buying for work? We offer free trial sets sent to your location.

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  • Walkie Talkie Phone Specifications

    Specifications, Video and demo for each model

    In this article, we present the instructions for  Installation of Voiceping, Login and...
    Flic (http://flic.io) is now supported as a remote PTT button. The benefits of using Flic...
    Networks: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 2G Frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 3G WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ 3G Frequencies...
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  • What makes a good Push-To-Talk Phone?

    Walkie Talkie Phones are made to work like Nextel Chirp Phones with Push To Talk Button and Loud speakers

    PTT Button

    No need to touch screen

    Field workers like being able to simply press the PTT button to reply.


    Walkie Talkie Smartphones have Dedicated PTT buttons that can operate Walkie Talkie Apps without the need to unlock the phone or touch the screen.

    Loud Speakers

    Hear what's going on

    Being able to hear the walkie talkie even when it is in your pocket is a basic requirement.


    A loud speaker is essential for this and Walkie Talkie Phones should have high powered speakers and ideally front facing.


    It's ok to drop this phone

    Take your phone anywhere with you. IP68 certified protection keeps your phone waterproof and resistant to dust, shocks, scratches.

    Big Battery

    Works with you and the next shift

    You need it to last one work shift . Walkie Talkie Phones should also have enough to get you through an extra shift just in case.


    If you are sharing devices, having a removable battery that can be swapped and charged will save the cost on buying an extra set.

  • Inrico T320 - Walkie Talkie Phone with Channel Knobs

    This is an older model and we recommend you to look at VoicePing Teams 

    Loud Speaker

    Much Louder than any smartphones you have heard.

    HANDY Size

    With a 2.4" Screen, T320 can easily fit in your hand

    Push To Talk Button

    On the left side is the PTT button which can be operated even when screen is locked.

    Removable Battery

    3800mAH removable battery gives you a maximum of 4 days duty time for Walkie Talkie.

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